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> what

Shuttle's Christmas Code Hunt, inspired by Advent of Code, invites you to solve daily challenges using Rust in a relaxed environment. Each weekday, you will be implementing an HTTP endpoint that returns the solution to the daily challenge, and deploy it on Shuttle. Join the fun, solve puzzles, embrace the holiday spirit, and get rewarded! 🎄🚀

> why

By participating, you get the chance to improve your Rust skills, build new friendships with like minded Rustaceans and enjoy the run up to the holidays!

> when

The first challenge will be released on December 1, 12:00 UTC (check your timezone). A total of 16 challenges will be released each weekday between December 1 and December 22.

> where

The Shuttle Discord will serve as the main point for getting announcements, discussing challenges, and more. You can also sign up for announcements via email. Participating requires logging in to the Shuttle Console with a GitHub account. Sign up now!

> prizes

Prizes is being reworked while we try to find ways to reward the most active CCH participants.

> scoring system

The validation/scoring system is being reworked to suit the new event format.

> rules

  • Challenges are released at 12:00 UTC each weekday between Dec 1 and Dec 22.
  • Collaboration is allowed and encouraged.
  • Shuttle reserves the right to change, update, or amend: release times of challenges, challenge contents, the scoring system, the prizes, and these rules.
  • Sharing tips about how to solve tasks is allowed, but don't spoil any solution in the official Discord channel. Feel free to use the Discord to find collaborators.

> tips and tricks

  • Solve Day -1 and keep adding endpoints as new challenges release. No need to create new projects.
  • Unit tests can be useful.
  • The Shuttle docs can be helpful.

> scoreboard