Start using Shuttle

Follow these few steps and you’re ready to go

01 Install

Run this command to install shuttle

$ cargo install cargo-shuttle

02 Log in

Run this command to start the login process

$ cargo shuttle login

03 Authenticate

Run this command to authenticate

$ cargo shuttle login --api-key undefined

04 Initialize

Run this command to initialize your project

$ cargo shuttle init

05 Deploy

Run this command to deploy your project 🥳

$ cargo shuttle deploy


Set up and deploy a quick starter, in minutes, with detailed instructions on how it works.

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    Build a Discord Bot

    Add custom functionality to your Discord server, using a bot written in Rust.

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    URL Shortener

    Get a shuttle relational database and build a URL shortener service.

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    Deploy a full-stack app with JS & Rust

    Use WebSockets, React and Rust to release a chat app end-to-end.

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