Instant apps,
from a single prompt

Yes, we did it. From prompt to deployed app in under 5 minutes

You just need an idea

Want to build a revolutionary new blogging service? Just write shuttle-ai build "Build me a blog service" and while you go and grab a cup of coffee, Shuttle's AI agents will breakdown the project, generate the needed code, ensure it compiles, provision the infrastructure and deploy it to Shuttle's Cloud, returning you a live, fully-working backend app and the generated code.

Missing a feature?

Just write shuttle-ai add-feature "Add comment support" sit back and watch as our AI agents analyse your code, update it and deploy the required changes.

Don't believe us? Here is a demo

Behind the curtain

ShuttleAI is comprised of multiple LLM agents, working together to handle your request. Starting from the beginning itself - they expand upon the user's prompt, reason about the project and define a plan of action. While giving a detailed prompt works the best, even simpler prompts like “Build me a todo app” will be enough for the agents to make assumptions and define the basic shape of the app.

Once we have our plan decided, we pass it on to the code-generation agents that focus on generating you a working codebase. Meanwhile, our Shuttlify agents take care of your infrastructure and provisioning, while our compilation agents sit in the background and fix any potential errors or mistakes that might appear. What you get in the end, is a real, live Rust-based backend deployed on Shuttle’s cloud.Insane App Feature

The fastest way to build and deploy in the cloud.

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