Join our Heroesprogram!

Our program acknowledges developers who have made exceptional contributions to Shuttle.

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What is required to become a Shuttle hero?

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As a hero, you should strive to help others that are stuck, whether in our Discord server or on GitHub

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Spreading the word

Be loud! Let others know of your experience with Shuttle, spread the Shuttle word!

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Create educational material for people such as; tutorials, blog posts, videos, and so on

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Consistently contribute to Shuttle, pushing it forward even more!

Your benefits

As part of the deal, contributing to shuttle, will get you some amazing rewards and perks.

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shuttle swag

Latest and greatest shuttle swag

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Free tier for life

A generous free tier for life

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Priority access

Get the dibs on future shuttle batches, workshops & bootcamps

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Get an inside look at the ongoing developments

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Discord Hero

Get the Hero role on our Discord and access to special channels

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Become a paid contributor

Get considered for our paid open source program


Build the Future of Backend Development with us

Become a part of shuttle heroes program!