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Let’s face it - learning Rust can be a daunting task 😵‍💫

And while there are plenty of resources out there, they can often be overwhelming, difficult to follow, or simply not engaging enough to hold your attention.

The Rust Book and various YouTube videos, for example, are comprehensive but can leave you feeling lost in the details, while other tutorials may not provide enough context or real-world examples to make the concepts stick, especially with the rapid developments of the Rust ecosystem.

That’s where Shuttle Launchpad comes in 🚀

Our unique approach to teaching Rust tutorial-style with real-world applications, in the form of a newsletter, sets us apart from other learning resources.

We make it easy for busy developers to learn Rust by breaking each concept down into manageable one-hour chunks that can be completed at your own pace, providing a focused and engaging way to learn that ensures you retain the material.

Advanced learners will also benefit from our additional resources, including tasks, links, and videos that allow you to dive deeper into the subject matter.

Teaming up with Stefan Baumgartner 🦀

We have teamed up with none other than Stefan Baumgartner, an architect, developer and author from Linz, Austria who, with his extensive experience of educating developers, brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the Launchpad.

Stefan is, among other things, the organizer of the biggest Rust meet up in Europe ━ Rust Linz and he was the lecturer at our Rust for Javascript Developers workshop!

So, to sum it up

Learning Rust tutorial-style with real-world applications

Suitable for beginners and experienced developers

Contents of each newsletter issue take only 1 hour to implement

Flexible pacing for busy developers

Additional resources for advanced learners

Learning one Rust concept per issue

Past issues

For our upcoming issues, we have some exciting project ideas lined up for you, such as an e-commerce application that performs safe transactions with a payment provider and an Activity Pub Client. Each project takes you from basics to advanced concepts.

21 October 2023

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The Shuttle Launchpad newsletter is meant to run for multiple issues with no defined end, ensuring you always have new material to keep learning, staying up to date with the ever-changing Rust ecosystem.

Join hundreds of developers on their journey