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“I came into the first Batch with very little Rust expereience, having read most of the Rust book I was looking to get involved in Open Source to better my knowledge.

The relaxed but supportive vibe in Batch was the perfect way for me to get to know the language better, to mix with people at a similar skill level, and to get quality guidence from the more experienced guys at Shuttle.”

- John Williams

Shuttle Batch 1.0

What’s Shuttle Batch

Batch is an immersive online program where Rust developers unite to learn, collaborate, and contribute to an exciting open-source project, while receiving mentorship and forming lasting connections within the community.


🚀 Y Combinator Vibes

Shuttle Batch sprouted from our own mind-blowing YC adventure, and now we're bringing that magic to you!


🦸‍♂️ Super Mentoring

Power up your Rust skills with our core Shuttle team's help! Expect mentorship, Q&A, feedback sessions, and some jaw-dropping guest speakers!


🌍 Global Friendships

Connect with Rust developers of all backgrounds, team up to tackle projects, and become part of our super-amazing contributor community!


🎮 Contribute & Level Up

Make a real impact on Shuttle's future and gain priceless experience with a cutting-edge backend platform in the exciting world of open-source!


🌐 Remote & Rad:

Join the Batch from anywhere on Earth – our last 10 participants represented 8 different countries, so we're truly a global Rust family! 🎉


🎁 Swagtastic

Get ready to rock some exclusive Shuttle swag, because all participants in Batch 2.0 will score awesome company goodies as a thank-you for joining the adventure and making a difference in our community! 🤩🛍️

“As someone who didn't have any experience in the industry and only a little experience in open-source, I was struggling to find a project I felt qualified to contribute to.

The SB-1 batch was a great event for to get more comfortable in open-source, with shuttle engineers providing mentorship and guidance on tasks ranging from very easy to very hard.”

- Oddbjørn Grødem

Shuttle Batch 1.0, joined the Shuttle team

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